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As a guitar player, working with Loyd is always a blast. He has an ear for certain sounds in his head and will continuously work to achieve that sound for the part. Every project i’ve been a part of, Loyd has always given 110 percent to make sure that song is doing what its supposed to on a record for the artist whether it be lyrically or musically. Its always a pleasure working with Loyd!
Cody Preston

Guitar Player, JJ Weeks Band

Throughout [my project], Loyd has been the consummate professional, extremely patient, coaching when needed, encouraging when I’m uncertain about next steps, the direction to go, or just being discouraged in the process. He has given life to my music in ways I would have never considered. He has exceeded my expectations and I will collaborate with him on my next project as well.
Chris Hotz


Loyd Rieves is a good man and a great producer. He is dedicated to making excellent music that is true to the heart of each project and artist. He creates a friendly and efficient environment for recording. I highly recommend him as a producer and musician!
Nate Moore


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